Monday, 8 August 2016

August Update.

I was recently sent two exciting packages from Evil Twin The Label and PYLO USA and decided to do a quick little shoot in the rain. I've been falling back into wearing all black recently, perhaps it's the weather or perhaps it's just my natural inclination. I never feel more 'me' when I am wearing all black and white and for a while I think I thought it only appropriate to try and wear colour, as though maybe it was some kind of rite of passage or was necessary in order to see where my true tastes lie. Having done so over the past few years and having found some coloured pieces I really like, I still always find myself drawn towards the neutral shades like black, grey and white. There's something really refreshing about being able to scan a clothing store and knowing exactly which products you will head towards.

Whether or not I will continue to try playing around with colour, the process of 'playing around' in general has helped me to only further narrow down my tastes and experience what feels best on my own body. It all sounds so serious, but i've had a blast. I'm incredibly blessed to be in the position I am in, which allows me to test and style different pieces of clothing and accessories from all over the world. I encourage everyone who is a little bit confused about their own personal style or who is experiencing one of those 'everything looks terrible on me' ruts to try things they never would dream of trying on. There's no harm in piling together a collection of different styles, colours, prints and cuts  in a clothing store to see what works best on your body and what feels 'right.' Fashion and styling should always first and foremost be about having fun and being creative.

Helix Bra // PYLO USA
Vapour Mesh Top // Evil Twin The Label
Leather Jacket // Unknown
Joni Jeans // Topshop
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