Wednesday, 31 August 2016

August 2016.

It's official. I have 9 weeks left of my Masters and i'm in the busiest time of my life thus far. I'm writing my thesis, I have many assessments and as much as it's stressful, I know i'm going to miss studying the second I leave. Honestly, if education were free i'd probably never stop going to university. Because i'm currently writing my thesis and finishing off at uni I won't be posting all too much. However i'm keeping up my Instagram and will be posting more looks on here like i've done with this post. Just a nice little update on the clothes i've been wearing and what i've been enjoying. Obviously monochrome is still what I gravitate towards and probably always will be.

Tomorrow is the first day of spring and I am so pleased. My street smells like Jasmine and now so does my bedroom after sneaking some from the overhanging neighbour's tree. I hope you all have a lovely September. 

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