Friday, 4 March 2016

You and Everyone You Know // Mental Health Awareness.

On March 3rd 2016
You and Everyone You Know was born. The inspiration behind the project first came to light during a seminar for my Masters in which students were asked to create a social media campaign about something they are passionate about and bring it to life. Instantly I knew I wanted to do this as I have always been passionate about combining my media work with mental health care. Whether or not it had been sitting stagnant in the back of my mind for a while now  I do not know but immediately I brought this idea to action.
My goal was to create a safe hub where people from all over the world, any race, gender, sexuality or age could submit stories of their experiences with mental illness. It is my goal to allow for a deeper understanding of mental illness and a newfound sense of empathy towards others. I want to create a reliable guide of resources that are readily available (unfortunately at this point in time I will be focusing on Australia but I will extend this list internationally as this project expands) to support you or your friends and family in times of need. There are so many fantastic resources available at this time that many may not know about so I am hoping to bring some of those to light.
I will be personally running the Instagram page @youandeveryoneyouknow which will be regularly posting anonymous images and stories of those from all over the world in the hopes of creating a community of acceptance and understanding. Even if it just gets a few people talking and realising they aren’t alone this project will have reached its goal. Please feel free to send in your own stories and anonymous photo (it could be your feet, hands, your eyes etc) and be submitted onto the Blog and Instagram. To submit your story please email
Thank you x
Amelia Goldie 
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