Thursday, 28 January 2016

How To: Build Up (Or Down) Your Minimalist Wardrobe.

Over the past six or so months I have taken very strongly to the style and lifestyle of minimal fashion. My wardrobe has always been filled with a lot of black, white and neutrals with tailored, clean pieces always taking my eye. Recently I did a huge overhaul of my wardrobe and got rid of 70% of my pieces, leaving behind pieces I know I love that are easily styled with what I already own and work in both dressy and comfortable environments. This was in part inspired by Youtuber Vivianna and her video series on Capsule Wardrobes.

Tips For Starting A Capsule Wardrobe

- Determine what your personal style is and the sort of colour palette you are going for. A big problem with people's wardrobes are that they can be filled with multiple different colours, prints and styles which can make it difficult to mix and match pieces together. This is not to say you shouldn't want to mix and match prints and colours, just try to determine what your set colour palette is so you can easily style multiple outfits with what you already own instead of needing to constantly revisit your wardrobe and buy new pieces to match one out of place piece.

- Determine what your basics are and what pieces you feel comfortable in. For me these are cigarette pants, black skinny jeans, oversized woolen coats, turtlenecks, a plain white tshirt, black pointed ankle boots, a black skirt and neutral dresses. I think every wardrobe should feature a couple of staple items that can be used to easily build a look you feel comfortable in.

For me these 15 staple items are:

1. Neutral-coloured collared shirt.
2. White tshirt.
3. Leather jacket.
4. Cigarette pants.
5. Black skinny jeans.
6. Woolen coat.
7. Grey turtleneck.
8. Oversized woollen scarf.
9. Black dress.
10. Playsuit.
11. Thick winter knit jumper.
12. Skinny scarf.
13. White midi skirt.
14. Pointed black ankle boots.
15. Black brogues.

- Cut down your wardrobe to 35 pieces. This does not include loungewear, shoes, swimwear, underwear or special occasion pieces. Cutting down my wardrobe has been such a freeing experience and also an exciting one. I've gone from owning hundreds of pieces and feeling like there's "nothing to wear" to absolutely loving my wardrobe again and being able to mix and match easily. Sometimes less definitely is more.

4 Minimalism Fashion Stores I Recommend 

MNG - Mango is a fantastic store for all of my Australian followers as it is stocked all over the country in places like David Jones and The Iconic which means it's (this is exciting for us Australians) easily accessible! The prices are affordable and the pieces are fantastic. I'm a big fan of their grey cropped cigarette pants.

CLOTH INC - Cloth Inc is based in Indonesia and prides itself on its high quality, beautifully curated pieces. Not only are their pieces expensive looking and brilliant for building up a minimalist wardrobe but they are affordable as well. I love their trousers and dresses.

OAK AND FORT - Oak and Fort based in Vancouver, Canada stocks beautifully classic and timeless pieces. Oak and Fort is all about the minimalistic wardrobe with their white, black and neutral pieces that make me groan in the desire to own them all. I cannot get enough of the pieces in this store. There's something so luxurious, yet comfortable about their style that draws me in.

COS - Cos recently opened its first store in Sydney and I couldn't be happier. I'm not sure if it's just because i'm a winter fashion bunny and it's currently summer or because it's simply a new store but I much prefer the pieces found on the website. Cos is an absolute must for any minimal style lover. I can't say any more. Just look and weep (and want to buy everything).
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