Thursday, 15 December 2016

Update and 2016 Wrap Up.

A lot has happened in the past few months. I completed my Masters Degree, got a high distinction for my dissertation and a distinction average overall which has definitely been one of the proudest moments of my life thus far. I remember questioning whether or not I would even be accepted into a Masters so to find myself at the finish line having worked so hard and seeing it all pay off was extraordinary. It was definitely a lesson in not questioning myself too much and just going for the things I want. I've certainly found my passion and to see how far i've come from where I was two years ago where I felt incredibly lost post-Bachelors Degree leaves me with a sigh of relief and a sense of accomplishment I didn't think I would reach so quickly (albeit with high levels of stress, a lacking sleep schedule and a lot of nights in studying instead of seeing friends). Studying my Masters taught me so much about myself. I learnt how to do public speaking and loved it (I even considered continuing my studies to become a lecturer) but decided that working in new media and content creation was 100% what I wanted and it felt nice to have a sense of direction. Now that my Masters has finished I have been lucky enough to find myself assisting Marquee Studios with their new Influencer and Youtuber event Beautify (they also run the well known Youtuber event Amplify if you thought it sounded familar). In two days I will be running a workshop in front of 250 people which is the largest crowd i've ever spoken to and i'm both excited and a little nervous. 2016 has been a really big year and to be honest, i'm pretty happy to see it end in only a few weeks. 

In more basic news, the past couple of months have seen a lot of changes in my hair. I decided once and for all to strip my hair of its permanent black hair dye (which i've been doing for years and years) and lighten it a couple of shades to a deep chocolate brown. Little did I know this would take over two months and 12 hours in the hairdressers but thankfully it is all done. Not only that but I spontaneously gave my hair the chop one day, possibly from the relief of having completed such a monumental 18 month task or perhaps because I just needed to do something cathartic for myself. Whatever it was i'm really glad I did so. There's something very refreshing about changing up your hair, even if it is only a minor change.

I'm not one for New Years resolutions but if I were to have one it would be to continue creating, to read more and to stop putting off writing. Writing used to be an incredibly powerful tool for me in that it allowed me to make sense of my thoughts. I haven't done so for what feels like at least a year now so my goal for next year is to try and write a few times a week. I also want to pick up my camera again and start shooting. It feels weird to have lost such a big part of my identity that I held so close when I was younger. The bottom line is, I want and need to keep creating regularly. 2016 has been a massive year for me, but i'm so excited to see what 2017 has in store.


The Greatest Bag I'll Ever Own.

Shoes and bag both from ASOS.


Sunday, 18 September 2016


Dress - PYLO
Jacket - Unknown
Belt - ASOS
Boots - Nine West

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

August 2016.

It's official. I have 9 weeks left of my Masters and i'm in the busiest time of my life thus far. I'm writing my thesis, I have many assessments and as much as it's stressful, I know i'm going to miss studying the second I leave. Honestly, if education were free i'd probably never stop going to university. Because i'm currently writing my thesis and finishing off at uni I won't be posting all too much. However i'm keeping up my Instagram and will be posting more looks on here like i've done with this post. Just a nice little update on the clothes i've been wearing and what i've been enjoying. Obviously monochrome is still what I gravitate towards and probably always will be.

Tomorrow is the first day of spring and I am so pleased. My street smells like Jasmine and now so does my bedroom after sneaking some from the overhanging neighbour's tree. I hope you all have a lovely September. 


Monday, 8 August 2016

August Update.

I was recently sent two exciting packages from Evil Twin The Label and PYLO USA and decided to do a quick little shoot in the rain. I've been falling back into wearing all black recently, perhaps it's the weather or perhaps it's just my natural inclination. I never feel more 'me' when I am wearing all black and white and for a while I think I thought it only appropriate to try and wear colour, as though maybe it was some kind of rite of passage or was necessary in order to see where my true tastes lie. Having done so over the past few years and having found some coloured pieces I really like, I still always find myself drawn towards the neutral shades like black, grey and white. There's something really refreshing about being able to scan a clothing store and knowing exactly which products you will head towards.

Whether or not I will continue to try playing around with colour, the process of 'playing around' in general has helped me to only further narrow down my tastes and experience what feels best on my own body. It all sounds so serious, but i've had a blast. I'm incredibly blessed to be in the position I am in, which allows me to test and style different pieces of clothing and accessories from all over the world. I encourage everyone who is a little bit confused about their own personal style or who is experiencing one of those 'everything looks terrible on me' ruts to try things they never would dream of trying on. There's no harm in piling together a collection of different styles, colours, prints and cuts  in a clothing store to see what works best on your body and what feels 'right.' Fashion and styling should always first and foremost be about having fun and being creative.

Helix Bra // PYLO USA
Vapour Mesh Top // Evil Twin The Label
Leather Jacket // Unknown
Joni Jeans // Topshop

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Liquid Lipstick Collection.

Those who know me well (or follow me on Instagram for that matter) know that I am an avid fan of liquid lipsticks. There's something incredibly enjoyable about seeking out new colours, trying new formulas and being able to create new eye makeup looks to match the lip. Applying my makeup in the morning is one of those beautifully relaxing and therapeutic moments. I am a big fan of dark berry red lips and warm, orangey-based nudes. Next on my list, a true blue-based red, oranges for spring/summer and the newest trend on the beauty scene; a metallic liquid lipstick.

Swatches from top to bottom: Colourpop 'Limbo', Colourpop 'Rooch', Colourpop 'Avenue', Limcrime 'Wicked', Colourpop 'Tulle', Colourpop 'Beeper', Sportsgirl 'Vertigo', Nyx 'Abu Dhabi', Jeffree Star 'Celebrity Skin', Nyx 'London', Sportsgirl 'Sandstorm'. 

Saturday, 18 June 2016


Recently I picked up this faux fur chocolate brown coat from an antique store and fell in love. It's an original from the 1960s and will probably be my go-to coat during the cooler months. I thought I would do a little post to share how beautiful it is with you all. When looking for faux fur coats I always recommend buying vintage from antique or vintage clothing stores. There's something very romantic about finding a beautiful coat from 50 years+ ago. 

Photographs: Noah van der Veer. 

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Halfway through 2016!

I absolutely cannot believe we are already halfway through 2016. This year has been a very transformative one for me and incredibly positive. I am now only five months away from having a Masters Degree and tomorrow I start my mid year break which means two months off! I look forward to shooting a lot of new looks over this time and will finally get a chance to go back to the country and read again. I've been wearing a lot of neck/head scarves lately, detailed stockings with more minimal outfits and (of course) trying lots of new darker lipsticks and oversized coats. Winter has begun which means it's coat season and I am very excited to show you how I style my favourite ones. Stay tuned x


Thursday, 12 May 2016

A Weathered Penny.

A Weathered Penny is a UK based Fashion and Lifestyle store known for their beautiful minimalistic pieces. I was lucky enough to be gifted three of their jewellery pieces recently and had to share them with you. The first piece pictured below has since become a daily part of my routine as I wear it every single day. What is great about the rings are that they are all adjustable to the sizing of your finger, which is fantastic for smaller handed people like myself. I love minimalistic jewellery and A Weathered Penny really is just a great example of how minimalistic pieces can be both timeless and on trend yet original and exciting. Check them out here or have a little ponder over at their Instagram.


Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Graine Leather Bags.

Graine is a family run leather accessories company designed and made in Melbourne Australia. I first found their bags through Instagram and fell in love with the dark chocolate leather bag. It's perfect for the Autumn/Winter season, is sturdy, stylish and carries my laptop so it's perfect for uni or overnight trips. What I love so much about this bag is not only is it beautiful looking, it's really comfortable to have slung over your shoulder, which is often not the case with many larger bags.

What I love so much about this company is not only is it Australian but family run. There's something very rewarding about buying a product from a company that you can see is both hard-working and truly passionate about what they do. The quality of the bag itself is perfect, the leather is thick and sturdy so I never feel like it's struggling to hold everything inside it, even when i'm keeping my laptop and camera inside on photoshoot trips. I am definitely going to be using this bag a lot over the cooler months and can't wait to pair it with other looks.

Check out Graine's Website and their Instagram for styling ideas!

Monday, 25 April 2016

Morning Glow.

Slowdive Tshirt - Ebay
Dungarees - Motel Rocks 
Socks - Happy Socks 
Shoes - Dr Martens

Sunday, 27 March 2016


Happy Easter everyone. This was just a quick outfit I threw together for a day out/gig and I ended up really liking it a lot. Sometimes the simplest, most basic outfits can end up being your favourite. I always try to dress in something comfortable when I go to gigs and stripes are one of my favourite things to wear all year 'round. I was lucky enough to be gifted this one from SheInside and have been wearing it a lot lately. Just take a look at my last blog post! It's definitely going to be a constant in my wardrobe.

Striped Top // SheInside (Shop it here)
Joni Jeans // Topshop
Boots // Nine West
Watch // Daniel Wellington
Lipstick // 'Rooch' by Colourpop 

Sunday, 13 March 2016

OOTD // 11/3/16

Top // Sheinside
Skirt // Gifted (Unknown) 
Socks // Happy Socks 
Scarf // ASOS 
Boots // Nine West

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Autumn and ASOS.

It's official, it's Autumn. Autumn is my favourite season, the temperatures start to get cooler, the leaves brown and fall from the trees and everything feels just that little bit magical. Recently I teamed up with ASOS to showcase some of their exclusive pieces and let you know of some of the contests they have going on. Currently if you share your 'on campus' looks using the tags #AsSeenOnMe and #ASOMonCampus and tag @ASOS you will be in the running for a chance to win 1 of 3 $500 ASOS vouchers until March 19. Today i'm wearing one of the ASOS Exclusive dresses which i'm loving right now because it's a maxi dress with slits down both sides, which is both sexy and perfect for this kind of weather in Sydney. Hope you like how i've styled this first look. X


Choker // Princess Polly
Dress // ASOS Exclusive
Boots // Nine West


Friday, 4 March 2016

You and Everyone You Know // Mental Health Awareness.

On March 3rd 2016
You and Everyone You Know was born. The inspiration behind the project first came to light during a seminar for my Masters in which students were asked to create a social media campaign about something they are passionate about and bring it to life. Instantly I knew I wanted to do this as I have always been passionate about combining my media work with mental health care. Whether or not it had been sitting stagnant in the back of my mind for a while now  I do not know but immediately I brought this idea to action.
My goal was to create a safe hub where people from all over the world, any race, gender, sexuality or age could submit stories of their experiences with mental illness. It is my goal to allow for a deeper understanding of mental illness and a newfound sense of empathy towards others. I want to create a reliable guide of resources that are readily available (unfortunately at this point in time I will be focusing on Australia but I will extend this list internationally as this project expands) to support you or your friends and family in times of need. There are so many fantastic resources available at this time that many may not know about so I am hoping to bring some of those to light.
I will be personally running the Instagram page @youandeveryoneyouknow which will be regularly posting anonymous images and stories of those from all over the world in the hopes of creating a community of acceptance and understanding. Even if it just gets a few people talking and realising they aren’t alone this project will have reached its goal. Please feel free to send in your own stories and anonymous photo (it could be your feet, hands, your eyes etc) and be submitted onto the Blog and Instagram. To submit your story please email
Thank you x
Amelia Goldie 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Adorn Collective.

The Adorn Collective
 began as Sydney-based duo Lorraine and Stacey desired to create jewellery pieces they couldn't find anywhere else in Australia. On the site you will find The Adorn Collective's own range alongside Cusp Sydney and a selection of other Australian and Internationally based designers that deserve to be recognised. You should give their Instagram a look for styling ideas!


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Quick Life Update // Masters, Autumn, Hair Cut.

To my absolute pleasure it has now reached my favourite season of the year, Autumn. The air always smells better, the cool breezes are just cold enough for me to wear my favourite coats but i'm also not frozen inside like I am in winter. That said, I am still stuck wearing sleeveless dresses at this point and sweltering over a two minute walk home from the bus stop. Give it a month.

With this new change in season comes another semester of studying my Masters. Only two to go. Funnily enough this makes me really sad. Yesterday was my first day back and I was left pleasantly surprised by just how fascinating and exciting the content was. There's something really refreshing about being in an educational system and not only being talked to and treated like an equal but also being able to work back and forth with your lecturers during seminars and exchange information and stories instead of just simply being talked at. The content is more than simply interesting to me, but something I would willingly choose to study and explore out of enjoyment. I feel really lucky to have found something that motivates me and interests me so much. Not to mention the inspiring people I study with.

I also got my hair cut last week into a shorter bob. 


Friday, 19 February 2016

Studio of Basic Design // Concrete and Marble Notebooks.

Studio of Basic Design was founded by a team of architecture students with the aim to create everyday pieces enriched in careful and thought-out design. I first saw these notebooks on Instagram in a flat-lay photo and their minimalistic yet stylish design drew me in instantly. These notebooks are going to be perfect for my masters study when I need to take down notes and their gorgeous cover design and lined pages is bound to make me feel more motivated to get them out regularly. 


You can check out Studio of Basic Design on Instagram too!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

17th February.

Turtleneck // ASOS
Jeans // Topshop Joni Jeans
Shoes // Landspeed Records 
Watch // Daniel Wellington
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