Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Update and Outtakes.

Happy Holidays everyone! Firstly, apologies for the two and a half week break. For the past few weeks i've had the pleasure of moving into a beautiful new place and displeasure of being unwell - however i'm back to feeling like myself again right in time for the christmas break (thankfully!). Secondly, I've been incredibly blessed to be able to make blogging and instagramming my part-time job in 2015 and it wouldn't have happened without you all, so thank you. Writing, photographing, styling and curating has been something I have always been so passionate about and i'm so glad i've been able to explore it further this year with your support. With a new year comes a new year of doing my masters and hopefully many, many more blog posts and collaborations! Below are some outtakes from a couple of my favourite shoots I have done this year. Prepare for an onslaught of new posts in 2016!

Hope you all have a lovely holiday season x 

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