Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Madeleine Issing Jewellery.

I recently came across a stunning minimalist Instagram with the name madeleine_issing and was so excited to realise that the pieces featured were of Issing's own design. Madeleine is a German Jewellery designer with a very distinctive look. It is obvious from the second you see her Instagram that this woman has an eye for creativity and romantic minimal jewellery. Each piece truly tells a story and brings with it a sense of romanticism, lust and nostalgia. It is easy to tell that the environment around her inspires her work with images of the ocean and clouds filling the squares of her Instagram. There's something eerily calm and beautiful about the energy that fills her creative space and the content she posts and I love it. The minimal design of her pieces is what initially drew me in, with the sheer quality and beauty of them as they rest on my skin being what has made me a true loyal customer. These pieces are truly beautiful and timeless, a gift to be handed down to my own daughter (if I ever have one) or to someone special one day, whoever that lucky person may be.

You can purchase Madeleine Issing's Jewellery from her website here. 
You can also check out her Instagram.
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