Monday, 3 August 2015


I recently had the pleasure of receiving an exciting package from Uniqfind, an online store dedicated to all things minimal and chic. I knew I had to pick myself up some of their marble products so I chose the black marble Iphone case and the white marble Macbook Skin. I couldn't be happier with my choice. The iphone case is exactly what I wanted; classy and easy to slide onto your phone. I love the minimal design, it's affordable and goes with just about everything. That said, the piece i'm definitely more excited about is the macbook skin. I've seen these things here and there online and on instagram and always dreamed of having one on my own laptop but thought it too scary. You know when you'd start a new school semester and use sticky cover paper (that usually just ended in a bubbly mess and a very disappointed child) to decorate your notebooks? That is what I imagined it would be like when applying a macbook skin. Boy, was I wrong. The application couldn't be easier due to the thickness of the skin and the ability to press out bubbles instantly. A monkey could do it. So after what was a bit of a mini anxiety attack (I just really didn't want to mess it up) I stepped back in awe and stared at it knowing all well I will probably want to instagram photos of my laptop ALL THE TIME now (sorry guys). Definitely worth it.

Marble Iphone Case // Uniqfind
Marble Macbook Skin // Uniqfind 
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