Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Oscar Wylee.

I was lucky enough to take a little look around the Oscar Wylee showroom last week and picked up a pair of sunglasses. Firstly, can I just point out that the showroom is utterly fantastic in its minimalistic and stylish design. If you're into nice glasses and white, minimal interiors then definitely give it a visit. The room was lined with tens of glasses I would happily call my own so the choice was a hard one. That said the minute I saw these glasses, named 'The Leo', my mind was set. I'm a big fan of round shaped glasses, especially ones on the slightly smaller side as my head is like the size of a potato (okay maybe not that small, but most sunglasses make me look like Johnny Depp in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory) so these were a dream. I've posted a photo of the prescription pair of the Leos too for reference. Also because they're so beautiful I just want to look at them again. Anyone is free to check out the Oscar Wylee showroom and if you're into really, really nice glasses then I urge you to do so.

Oscar Wylee Showroom // 320 Sussex Street Sydney
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