Sunday, 2 August 2015

Monochromatic + Exciting News!

Hello all. Things have been really exciting these past few weeks on Planet Coated Noir. I've had some wonderful companies contact me for collaborations, i've started my masters in digital communications and I LOVE it and i'm currently in the process of creating and making it look a lot more professional and to my liking (and hopefully yours too). As you have probably noticed I have started to combine not only fashion posts with interiors, accessories and beauty posts too. On my new site I will make it easy for you all to direct yourselves to these categories easily so you don'y have to sift through things you may not be as interested in but also keep a nice full flow of all my posts for the people who do like to enjoy it all!

I've been contemplating doing Youtube videos occasionally as this is something that I am asked about quite regularly. Makeup tutorials and more personal videos seem to be the most requested so let me know if that's something you would be interested in and I will get to it! 

Today was a gloriously beautiful day spent eating lunch in Surry Hills, walking around taking photos and eating doughnuts (yum). It was so warm, despite it still being winter here in Australia, that I had to take my light coat off and only wear a little crop top. I have to say, as much as my skin tone may prove otherwise, I really love the warmth of sun on my skin so today put me in a really cheery mood. Despite the warmth i've been finding myself wearing a lot of monochromatic outfits these past few months (and by that I mean everyday instead of every third day..) That said this probably doesn't surprise you. 

Top // Sheinside
Pants // Boohoo
Boots // Dune London
Watch // Christian Paul 
Coat // Funkis
Marble Phone Case // Uniqfind
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