Saturday, 8 August 2015

Made By Fabrix.

I was a very excited girl when picking up this package from Made By Fabrix the other day. I was like a child on Christmas, ripping the stiff cardboard sleeving to delve in and then "squee" in joy. I have never really taken much notice of laptop cases. I'm not sure why, but I suspect it's because i've never seen a case that's taken my fancy.. until now. The second I saw these cases I knew I needed one. Opening up the packaging to get a glance of these babies in person was a very vocal moment. I think it sounded something like "AHHH OH WOW OKAY YES YEP OH GOD YES AHH". That probably says it all.

Anyone who knows me or follows me on Instagram knows I have a bit of a marble obsession right now. It seems you can never have enough marble phone cases (I now have three, whoops) and these are by far some of the nicest i've seen, and i've seen a lot. The quality is good, the marbling itself is really nice and they slide on phones smoothly. I especially like the white one.  

What really took my attention and what will keep me a loyal customer was the sheer quality of the products and their branding. The laptop cases are of incredible quality. The lining inside the cases is thick, padded and soft. I feel confident in protecting my laptop inside one of these. What's even nicer are the surprise little details I discovered when looking around the case for the first time in person. The black case has a nice little pocket inside so you can store all your cables without it being in the same section as your laptop. The grey case has a sleeve on the back, with cute little sections for your stationary so not only can you keep your laptop charger in there but your stationary for work, school or uni in there too. The grey is definitely my favourite and will be permanently attached to me right now as i'm doing my masters.

Something else to note is the Made By Fabrix branding. I LOVE it. The font, the minimalistic design and the stylish sleeves they slip around their products when they send them to you. It was a small touch that really made a big difference. It took the shopping online experience from something that isn't all that glamorous into something that actually felt luxurious?! I can't explain it, all I can say is that they are definitely doing something right. The exceptional quality of their products, their good customer service and their stylish branding definitely makes this a company to keep an eye on.

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