Sunday, 23 August 2015

Happy Socks.

I received these glorious babies from Happy Socks in the mail recently and they've been all i've been wearing for socks since. The insides of them are so soft and comforting, the patterns and styles available is ridiculous (there's SO many options it's so hard to choose) and I love how they give a little pop to my outfits. As you all know I do wear a lot of black but during the warmer months I love to use socks as a means of putting a bit of colour or excitement into my outfits. I love wearing summer dresses with cute socks and brogues. Even in the winter months i've been wearing them to have a little fun in the gap between my shoes and my rolled jeans. I'm in love. Time to start collecting.

You can grab yourself some of these Happy Socks from or check out their insanely well styled Instagram at
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