Monday, 31 August 2015

Bronx and Sparrow.

I found these Bronx and Sparrow prints on Instagram a few weeks ago and had to pick myself up a few. I love minimal, black and white prints so these were right up my alley. They look great in a frame, pinned up on a board or simply tacked up on the wall. I interviewed Carley Widdop, developer of Bronx and Sparrow about her inspiration behind the works. 

What inspires you and the works you create? 

" I carry a sketch book wherever I go as inspiration is all around. There are a lot of things that inspire my prints ranging from photos, fabrics, sceneries, books, the list goes on. I even gather inspiration from friends and family and the stories that they tell. For example some of the older folk have great one liners or memories of things their children said as kids. That was the inspiration behind my "Make-Believe" print. A statement my brother & I made as children... "I'm not lying, it's called make-believing."  

You can check out Bronx and Sparrow at and
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