Friday, 21 August 2015


Today we took a little wander around an old church and I fell in love with the mossy walls and the hidden garden. It's so exciting finding beautiful areas of green in the city. 


 I was lucky enough to be gifted these two items from Mink Pink. The quality of the pieces are really impressive, with the shirt now being my favourite white collared shirt I own (and I own a lot). What's so nice about it is the crepe texture of the fabric. It feels expensive and also doesn't crease. What also took my eye was the fit. It's not short enough to be cropped but it's also not so long that you feel it swallows you whole. It's just.. perfect. It's honestly the best fitting shirt I own (hallelujah). As for the skirt, well, don't get me started. Anything that's sheer, polka dotted and black has a place in my heart and this skirt isn't an exception. It's a super light fabric and easy to walk in. I'll be wearing this a lot during the upcoming warmer days. 

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