Monday, 31 August 2015

Bronx and Sparrow.

I found these Bronx and Sparrow prints on Instagram a few weeks ago and had to pick myself up a few. I love minimal, black and white prints so these were right up my alley. They look great in a frame, pinned up on a board or simply tacked up on the wall. I interviewed Carley Widdop, developer of Bronx and Sparrow about her inspiration behind the works. 

What inspires you and the works you create? 

" I carry a sketch book wherever I go as inspiration is all around. There are a lot of things that inspire my prints ranging from photos, fabrics, sceneries, books, the list goes on. I even gather inspiration from friends and family and the stories that they tell. For example some of the older folk have great one liners or memories of things their children said as kids. That was the inspiration behind my "Make-Believe" print. A statement my brother & I made as children... "I'm not lying, it's called make-believing."  

You can check out Bronx and Sparrow at and

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Today I threw together this outfit and it's now become a favourite! I was sent this glorious shirt from Mink Pink a week ago and bought myself this adorable little black pinafore from Boohoo a couple of weeks ago. This is the first time i've worn it and i'm so impressed by the quality. I am always really impressed with the products I pick up from Boohoo. The shipping was fast, the customer service was good and they always have products that suit my minimal, monochromatic style. The weather has started to warm up just a little bit, which was been enough to get me really excited for spring. I can't wait to wear this outfit without a coat. 

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Happy Socks.

I received these glorious babies from Happy Socks in the mail recently and they've been all i've been wearing for socks since. The insides of them are so soft and comforting, the patterns and styles available is ridiculous (there's SO many options it's so hard to choose) and I love how they give a little pop to my outfits. As you all know I do wear a lot of black but during the warmer months I love to use socks as a means of putting a bit of colour or excitement into my outfits. I love wearing summer dresses with cute socks and brogues. Even in the winter months i've been wearing them to have a little fun in the gap between my shoes and my rolled jeans. I'm in love. Time to start collecting.

You can grab yourself some of these Happy Socks from or check out their insanely well styled Instagram at

Friday, 21 August 2015


Today we took a little wander around an old church and I fell in love with the mossy walls and the hidden garden. It's so exciting finding beautiful areas of green in the city. 


 I was lucky enough to be gifted these two items from Mink Pink. The quality of the pieces are really impressive, with the shirt now being my favourite white collared shirt I own (and I own a lot). What's so nice about it is the crepe texture of the fabric. It feels expensive and also doesn't crease. What also took my eye was the fit. It's not short enough to be cropped but it's also not so long that you feel it swallows you whole. It's just.. perfect. It's honestly the best fitting shirt I own (hallelujah). As for the skirt, well, don't get me started. Anything that's sheer, polka dotted and black has a place in my heart and this skirt isn't an exception. It's a super light fabric and easy to walk in. I'll be wearing this a lot during the upcoming warmer days. 

Check out to find these items!


Saturday, 15 August 2015

Marble Notebooks by Loid Leather Designs.

I was so excited when I saw these came in the mail for me. As someone undergoing a serious marble accessory addiction I was in heaven when I picked these up. The notebooks are thick, unlined and hard-covered. They're pretty perfect for sketch noting, illustrating, planning and diary entries. Whenever I see them placed on my desk I get a little gooey because they're so beautiful. I know, i'm a big softie for obscure things.

You can pick these babies up at Loid Leather Designs. They're a new Melbournian brand that is all about stylish black and white accessories. Basically a dream come true for me. Their customer service is great and their products are super quality so if you're into gorgeous notebooks or pebbled leather you should definitely check them out at or

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Oscar Wylee.

I was lucky enough to take a little look around the Oscar Wylee showroom last week and picked up a pair of sunglasses. Firstly, can I just point out that the showroom is utterly fantastic in its minimalistic and stylish design. If you're into nice glasses and white, minimal interiors then definitely give it a visit. The room was lined with tens of glasses I would happily call my own so the choice was a hard one. That said the minute I saw these glasses, named 'The Leo', my mind was set. I'm a big fan of round shaped glasses, especially ones on the slightly smaller side as my head is like the size of a potato (okay maybe not that small, but most sunglasses make me look like Johnny Depp in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory) so these were a dream. I've posted a photo of the prescription pair of the Leos too for reference. Also because they're so beautiful I just want to look at them again. Anyone is free to check out the Oscar Wylee showroom and if you're into really, really nice glasses then I urge you to do so.

Oscar Wylee Showroom // 320 Sussex Street Sydney

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Warm Sunday Morning.

Today I thought i'd do something a bit different and decided to try shooting a short lookbook for you all of my outfit today. This morning was so beautiful. It's winter here in Australia yet the sun was shining and I could get away with wearing a sleeveless tank. Mitch (who shot this for me) and I had a lovely walk around the neighbourhood, bought some doughnuts and had some cat cuddles with his naughty little kitten Jon. A typical Sunday for us now.

Top // Boohoo
Jeans // American Apparel
Shoes // Dune London
Glasses // Oscar Wylee


Saturday, 8 August 2015

Made By Fabrix.

I was a very excited girl when picking up this package from Made By Fabrix the other day. I was like a child on Christmas, ripping the stiff cardboard sleeving to delve in and then "squee" in joy. I have never really taken much notice of laptop cases. I'm not sure why, but I suspect it's because i've never seen a case that's taken my fancy.. until now. The second I saw these cases I knew I needed one. Opening up the packaging to get a glance of these babies in person was a very vocal moment. I think it sounded something like "AHHH OH WOW OKAY YES YEP OH GOD YES AHH". That probably says it all.

Anyone who knows me or follows me on Instagram knows I have a bit of a marble obsession right now. It seems you can never have enough marble phone cases (I now have three, whoops) and these are by far some of the nicest i've seen, and i've seen a lot. The quality is good, the marbling itself is really nice and they slide on phones smoothly. I especially like the white one.  

What really took my attention and what will keep me a loyal customer was the sheer quality of the products and their branding. The laptop cases are of incredible quality. The lining inside the cases is thick, padded and soft. I feel confident in protecting my laptop inside one of these. What's even nicer are the surprise little details I discovered when looking around the case for the first time in person. The black case has a nice little pocket inside so you can store all your cables without it being in the same section as your laptop. The grey case has a sleeve on the back, with cute little sections for your stationary so not only can you keep your laptop charger in there but your stationary for work, school or uni in there too. The grey is definitely my favourite and will be permanently attached to me right now as i'm doing my masters.

Something else to note is the Made By Fabrix branding. I LOVE it. The font, the minimalistic design and the stylish sleeves they slip around their products when they send them to you. It was a small touch that really made a big difference. It took the shopping online experience from something that isn't all that glamorous into something that actually felt luxurious?! I can't explain it, all I can say is that they are definitely doing something right. The exceptional quality of their products, their good customer service and their stylish branding definitely makes this a company to keep an eye on.

To find these go to or 


Monday, 3 August 2015


I recently had the pleasure of receiving an exciting package from Uniqfind, an online store dedicated to all things minimal and chic. I knew I had to pick myself up some of their marble products so I chose the black marble Iphone case and the white marble Macbook Skin. I couldn't be happier with my choice. The iphone case is exactly what I wanted; classy and easy to slide onto your phone. I love the minimal design, it's affordable and goes with just about everything. That said, the piece i'm definitely more excited about is the macbook skin. I've seen these things here and there online and on instagram and always dreamed of having one on my own laptop but thought it too scary. You know when you'd start a new school semester and use sticky cover paper (that usually just ended in a bubbly mess and a very disappointed child) to decorate your notebooks? That is what I imagined it would be like when applying a macbook skin. Boy, was I wrong. The application couldn't be easier due to the thickness of the skin and the ability to press out bubbles instantly. A monkey could do it. So after what was a bit of a mini anxiety attack (I just really didn't want to mess it up) I stepped back in awe and stared at it knowing all well I will probably want to instagram photos of my laptop ALL THE TIME now (sorry guys). Definitely worth it.

Marble Iphone Case // Uniqfind
Marble Macbook Skin // Uniqfind 

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Monochromatic + Exciting News!

Hello all. Things have been really exciting these past few weeks on Planet Coated Noir. I've had some wonderful companies contact me for collaborations, i've started my masters in digital communications and I LOVE it and i'm currently in the process of creating and making it look a lot more professional and to my liking (and hopefully yours too). As you have probably noticed I have started to combine not only fashion posts with interiors, accessories and beauty posts too. On my new site I will make it easy for you all to direct yourselves to these categories easily so you don'y have to sift through things you may not be as interested in but also keep a nice full flow of all my posts for the people who do like to enjoy it all!

I've been contemplating doing Youtube videos occasionally as this is something that I am asked about quite regularly. Makeup tutorials and more personal videos seem to be the most requested so let me know if that's something you would be interested in and I will get to it! 

Today was a gloriously beautiful day spent eating lunch in Surry Hills, walking around taking photos and eating doughnuts (yum). It was so warm, despite it still being winter here in Australia, that I had to take my light coat off and only wear a little crop top. I have to say, as much as my skin tone may prove otherwise, I really love the warmth of sun on my skin so today put me in a really cheery mood. Despite the warmth i've been finding myself wearing a lot of monochromatic outfits these past few months (and by that I mean everyday instead of every third day..) That said this probably doesn't surprise you. 

Top // Sheinside
Pants // Boohoo
Boots // Dune London
Watch // Christian Paul 
Coat // Funkis
Marble Phone Case // Uniqfind
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