Thursday, 23 July 2015

Au Revoir Les Filles

I was lucky enough to receive one of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery I have ever laid eyes upon and then interview designer Teresa from jewellery store Au Revoir Les Filles for you all. Launched in 2014 by Paris trained designer Teresa Tiong the label is all about creating poetic keepsakes that draw upon a sense of love, longing and melancholy. When I initially glanced upon their website the word poetic was actually one of the first to enter my mind with their delicate yet sturdy designs emanating a sense of love, care and nostalgia. It's very easy to see through her designs that Teresa has a passion and an eye for designing jewellery. These designs come from a place of love and what also truly struck me, a place of originality and style. I am a sucker for jewellery that reminds me of a moment in time or a person of importance. All the pieces of jewellery I have worn regularly have had a sense of emotional purpose, whether it be a reminder of what I have achieved and what I want to achieve in the future, a nostalgic memory of a moment passed or a person that has had significant meaning in my life. I can imagine myself purchasing Au Revour Les Filles jewels as a gift or memoir for someone who has had great importance in my life and there's something to be said of that. I have always, from a young age, been drawn to creations whether it be jewellery, art, photography or music that allows my mind to wander and create a narrative and this piece certainly doesn't fall short of that. There's something very mystical and beautiful about Teresa's designs that I knew I had to share it with you all.

A Quick Interview With Teresa From Au Revoir Les Filles

How would you describe ARLF style?

Au Revoir Les Filles is about love in its many forms and guises, from passion to jealousy to lost and longing. It is inspired by the darkness that treads alongside the beautiful, and how every jewellery tells a story. 

What are you inspirations for your design?

Meaning "the storm" in French, L'Orage was inspired by the myth and mystery of early marine exploration from tales of sunken cities to shipwrecks and monsters of the deep. 
I was drawn to the dark beauty of phantom crystals and the story they tell. Each crystal captures shadowy ghost-like apparitions within its faceted structure, like lost souls trapped within. I love playing with the dichotomy of light and dark, highlighted by the contrast of the gunmetal chain against a bright silver ring. I love jewellery that fits into one another, and designed this piece to be worn as a statement ring or a necklace. All the crystals are naturally grown, unique in appearance and might include cluster mutations, but I feel that imperfection is what makes every piece beautiful. 

How did you start designing jewellery?

Having jewellery passed down from my grandmother and mother inspired me to create my own. I'm struck by how timeless jewellery is, and the lovely patina that develops on it with age. I'm often inspired by a memory or artwork, and start to collect images to build a creative universe around the collection. There can be so many artistic concepts that inspire a collection, and its good to edit down to see what flows together and create something original. I like to wear a lot of jewellery when designing, it helps me gauge 3-dimensional perspective and make sure the design is practical as well as beautiful. Then from a sketch, I'll get a prototype made and refine the design from there. Sometimes I'm lucky and the design is perfect from the get-go, but some designs can take a few protos to get right, but I guess it's the journey that counts. 

You can purchase the L'orange Necklace/Ring and check out other Au Revoir Les Filles pieces by visiting their website or their Instagram 

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