Friday, 26 June 2015

Date Outfit.

So I was pondering how to create a winter date outfit that is warm, yet still cute and fun. It's hard in winter, often you have to rug up and feel your body be swallowed by layers upon layers of clothing which doesn't really make you feel very sexy or confident. I think there's mystery and allure in a woman that doesn't show off too much but also knows how to accentuate the natural form of her body. In this case I was trying to think of a sweet first date outfit for a winter afternoon that doesn't show off too much but also allows for some personality to show and also a little cheeky leg. I threw together the idea of teaming a long sleeved collared dress with a sneaky warm thermal knit underneath. To keep my legs warm I put on some sheer tights and some thick over the knee socks for that cute yet cosy and warm look. It isn't pictured here but I also threw a nice structured black coat over the top when walking around outside, you know, because it is still winter and you don't want to spend your date looking like you're about to fall into a state of hypothermia.

Dress // Sheinside

OOTK Socks and Tights // ASOS

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