Thursday, 4 June 2015

A short update and a new dress.

Last week I picked up this wonderful dress from Uniqlo. It was one of those glorious moments where you see something in the distance, run frantically towards it hoping no one gets to it before you, only to grab it with both hands and cling to it tightly in anticipation. The pattern, the fabric, the mandarin collar. Oh, I was in heaven. The second I tried it on I knew I had to buy it and here we are. A happy Amelia in a dress she never wants to ever take off.

When I was a young child my parents bought me a pair of yellow gumboots. I loved them so much I cried and wailed whenever my mum tried to remove them before bed. The end result was a happy three year old sleeping soundly with her feet covered in gumboots poking out the end of the bed. Some things never change. I've always found myself getting emotionally connected to a piece of clothing or jewellery. I feel like the clothes we put ourselves in do have the ability to make us feel a certain way and for me, all I want to feel is like myself. For me, fashion is an art form. A form of expression and creativity. The ability to put things together to create something pleasing has always been something that has driven me. Whether it be my first love, photography, my second, writing or my third fashion, they are all art forms in which I feel myself creating and feel myself being driven by some unknown force. Whatever that force is, I like it and I want to keep it constantly moving forward.

Because of this today I decided I AM to begin my Masters in Digital Communication, Marketing, Advertising and Media Managing in just less than two months. It's a massive decision, with a large financial sum at the end and a heck of a lot of upcoming stress but it's towards something that drives me and drives my enthusiasm and well, any amount of money is worth that. As someone who has struggled with depression on and off for 10 years finding motivation and a source of excitement is something to be treasured. I still remember the moment I realised photography was a form of medicine for me. A once unmotivated, gloomy girl was now throwing herself between electric fences, raging bulls, through storms and windy forests only to get a couple of photographs she could frame and admire. Photography has and always will be a love of mine, a form of medicine and a form of expression that I hadn't found elsewhere. That was until fashion styling came into the picture. I had always been a lover of fashion, by 16 I was posting my 'looks' on and doing work experience within magazine photo studios. I spent hours upon hours creating new looks and photographing them - something that took me out of whatever slump I was in and threw me into a whirlwind of creativity and excitement. Now, at almost 23 I find myself wanting to throw together those passions into something tangible and let myself feel that excitement again. I can't say i'm not both terrified and thrilled to be doing a masters and to be making 'big' decisions for myself about things that will affect me greatly in the future but it feels good to know that whatever happens I will be going after something that has driven me through even the darkest of times.
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