Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Polka Dot Day.

With the emergence of Autumn and an oncoming Winter season upon us, I have been savouring my last few weeks of being able to wear light dresses with no stockings or coats. I grabbed this dress from Yesstyle, a fabulous Korean online store that stocks thousands of wonderful products, all of which can be easily shipped to Australia with no shipping costs. The best thing about this site is that they often provide measurements for all their clothing so you can very easily fit the item of clothing to your size. I have never bought a product that I have had to send back, which is often rare when it comes to shopping regularly online. The dress itself is very light and a little shorter than i'd usually wear - but I believe the lightness of the fabric makes it feel shorter than it really is. If I could accurately represent how it feels to wear this dress no one says it better than good ol' Ned Flanders. "It feels like i'm wearing nothin' at all, nothin' at all, nothin' at all." Couldn't say it better myself. 

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