Saturday, 10 January 2015

Summer Day.

Striped Crop Top // Gift from Japan
Linen Black Shorts // ASOS
Socks // Uniqlo
Shoes // Dr Martens
Sunglasses // Gift

Today was stinking hot. It's days like this that I wish it were autumn. I cannot wait for the cooler weather to come back in. That said, i'm very thankful for the glorious chance to wear this cute crop that was given to me by someone from their visit to Japan. I haven't been wearing my little burgundy doc martens in a while so today I threw them on with a pair of linen shorts. It was a bit of a spontaneous outfit quickly thrown on to go out for coffee in but I really quite liked it. I've been enjoying a bit of time off lately. I've since left my job and have been thinking more so about the bigger picture. The decision as whether or not to study a Masters of Marketing as i'd love to get into the advertising industry has been playing on my mind for a while. I would probably enrol for the second half of this year or for the start of the next year and work until then. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about stepping out of my comfort zone, challenging myself and trying to create a healthy and happy environment for myself and it has been really nice. Excuse my short period of late posts I haven't been home properly in five days. Now I have a period of no work I will be shooting multiple blog posts a week and look forward to making this a priority. I hope you are all well. 
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