Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Tongue Tied and Twisted.

Hello all. I've been trying out different ways to wear grid patterns lately (as i'm sure you are all very aware if you follow my instagram or know me personally) and thought i'd show you all one of my favourite outfits. I tend to wear this to work as it's easy to transition from work mode to play in something like this. I think in a job like fashion anyway it's so imperative to express your own personal style and luckily enough for me my aesthetic tastes are near identical to that of the company I work for! I've been mixing up my time between wearing colour and then wearing black on black on black and I have to say.. black is definitely home for me. Where I feel most 'me.' I love combining different materials and patterns to create an original look, finished off with my silver and black jewellery (which I wear every day). That said, i've also been absolutely loving wearing colourful dresses and then teaming it with all black accessories, shoes and jackets. I think fashion is all about exploration and fun.
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