Friday, 5 December 2014

Pale Clouded White.

Having a lovely day in the sunshine after two days of crazy thunderstorms and large hail. I love this seat in my garden, we found it behind a wall of hedges and vines a few months ago with some animal bones (ahem) and had to bring it out so we could sit on it during the summer nights. I bought this dress because I have a self confessed addiction to collared outfits. I just can't get enough of pointed collars. The dress is in a beautiful soft fabric that caught me by surprise and is the perfect material for a cooler summer day or a warmer autumn one. I teamed it with some cute polka dot socks and my pointed chelsea boots which I seem to be wearing near every day at the moment. I threw on a cute black felt hat to finish off the look and keep the darned sunshine out of my eyes (yes, I know, i'm a vampire) and wore my Limecrime Velvetines lipstick in Wicked. Initially I wasn't a fan of the lipstick. I found it bled a little, came off after eating and drinking and wasn't easy to apply but after a few uses I certainly got the hang of it and if you apply a lip liner first it looks gorgeous all day long.

Hope you're all having a lovely week. Amelia x

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