Friday, 24 October 2014


These cute pants came in the mail today and I am IN LOVE. I've always wanted some gorgeous trousers and these are just everything I want. They are a super tight fit, look great on the hips and bum and are high waisted. The pattern is an adorable burgundy red with blue-ish black tones. The only con I can see so far is that the hips are a very tight fit but the waist is almost a little too big so they're definitely made for a cute high waisted black thin belt. I teamed it with a cropped black t-shirt and some pointed brogues to complete the look. I'm loving this simple chic look right now, especially because I can wear it to work and then out afterwards. 

On my lips i'm wearing Limecrime's Wicked Velvetine and I have to admit I am going to swallow my words. Initially I found it incredibly difficult to apply and found it wore off far too quickly but after a few practise applications I can now apply it in seconds and find if you apply two or three layers it lasts quite well.You definitely need to re-apply after eating and drinking otherwise it seems to do the job quite nicely. The matte finish is gorgeous and really livens up your face and outfit. I find the lipstick to be quite classy rather than overdone and whilst I wouldn't have recommended it at first, now i'm going to give it a big thumbs up.

Cropped Shirt // Markets

Trousers // ASOS
Lace Frill Socks // ASOS
Pointed Brogues // Landspeed Records
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