Saturday, 30 August 2014

Capitolina Gingham Mini Dress

Just a simple little OOTD. The dress is skin-tight and very, very body hugging but I rather like that! I am loving gingham prints right now so this dress was a must have. It's able to be both dressed up or down which I like as it can go from day to night with the addition of just a nice coat and some heeled boots. I got this on sale for a fantastic price and although I probably won't get as much wear out of it as some of my other dresses due to the rather intense body-hugging nature of the dress (it's SUPER tight) it's perfect for a cute lunch date that runs into going out that night. 

Gingham Dress // Missguided 
Brogues // Landspeed Records, Canberra

Friday, 29 August 2014

Houndstooth Pencil Skirt and Cropped Collared Top

I absolutely love this skirt and top combo with a passion. The top is collared and cropped (almost a littttlleee too cropped but who cares, just be careful when you put your arms up!) and is perfect for wearing with cute skirts or shirts. I love it. This pencil skirt I got for an absolute bargain and it's beautiful. The quality is quite good, the fit is extremely comfortable and I find it very flattering. It's definitely going to get a lot of wear out of it. This has become one of my favourite outfits.

Cropped Collared Top // Sheinside 
Houndstooth Pencil Skirt // Missguided (Sold Out)
Faux Fur Coat // Yesstyle (Sold Out)
Frilled Black Socks // ASOS
Black Brogues // Landspeed Records, Canberra

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Pop Boutique

This adorable Pop Boutique dress can be found on ASOS on sale right now for a ridiculously good price. I teamed it with a black ribbon, black tights and black brogues to complete the look. This dress is perfect for a picnic, a sunny day spent outside or a cute coffee date. I love this dress. The quality is quite good and usually I don't go for yellow, but I couldn't go past this. I'll be wearing this a lot during the spring and summer months.

Pop Boutique Dress // ASOS
Brogues // Landspeed Records, Canberra

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Bless Your Cotton Socks

So buying fun socks has recently become a bit of an addiction for me. I can't get enough of them. My collection has been growing rather quickly of late and i've been getting a lot of questions on my instagram (@ameliagoldie) about where I buy my socks. So i've decided to share my secrets! Below I will post my most requested socks and a couple of my favourites. Have fun!

Left Foot: Mona Lisa Sock // Bare Necessities
Right Foot: Cat Sock // Bare Necessities

Left Foot: Rabbit Sock // Yesstyle
Right Foot: Vincent Van Gogh Sunflower Sock // Bare Necessities
(Note: Left sock is actually white but photographed poorly/picks up on skin tone.)

Left Foot: Polka Dot Heat-Tech Full Tights // Uniqlo
Right Foot: Polka Dot Sock // Bare Necessities


Saturday, 23 August 2014

Florals and Fur

This is a little floral number I have fallen absolutely head over heels with. The second I saw it I knew I was going to want to wear it all the time. Not only was it beautiful but a very reasonable price too. I have been loving online shopping lately especially with my discovery of a range of incredible online stores that not only ship free of charge but have very affordable priced pieces that are suited to my tastes. If you would be interested in me doing a post on all of my lovely online store discoveries lately then please let me know.

This coat.. oh my word, this coat. If there has been one piece that has been with me through everything this winter it has been this faux fur coat. Not only does it feel like you are wearing a furry burrito of warmth but it teams perfectly with both casual outfits and dressier ones. The coat is reversible too so when you don't feel like being a fuzzy fur monster you can turn it inside out to have a protective raincoat material and fur arm cuffs. Very cool.

Floral Collared Dress: Missguided
Black Faux Fur Coat: Yesstyle
Black Pointed Brogues: Landspeed Records, Canberra

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