Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve.

Happy holidays everyone. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Sonic Youth Shirt // Amazon
Grid Skirt // Boohoo
Thigh High Socks // ASOS
Pointed boots // Vintage

Thursday, 11 December 2014

We're All Leaving

To celebrate finally getting my DSLR camera back I decided to organise a quick little shoot in the graveyards with the wonderful Dylan. Despite getting bitten by mosquitos every five seconds I had such a lovely morning. Dylan's cheekbones could slice a cake. 

Striped Shirt // Sheinside
A-Line Skirt // Princess Highway
Chelsea Winklepicker Boots // Dune London

I've been really loving photographing graveyards lately and am thinking of doing a series on them. I've been planning to do a couple of exhibitions next year and to start focusing on my nature and fashion photography again because I feel like i've lost myself a little bit lately. I've stopped focusing on what I am truly passionate about and what makes me happy and that has been one of the biggest mistakes i've made this year. I've been really enjoying exploring the fashion bloggersphere, making more regular blog posts, planning future posts and sharing with you my style. It has been a really fun year starting this blog and the feedback you have all given me has been so heartwarming. I can't wait to continue this blog and to watch it grow and watch my style grow with it.

At the same time, as mentioned earlier, I have been neglecting my nature photography and will probably be incorporating this into my blog as seen in this post. I may add some nature photographs in the series I post, as well as take my fashion blog photoshoots to some beautiful settings so as to incorporate both my favourite things. I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I am enjoying it. I've been really inspired to get back to my true self, to my true passions and to expressing these. I sincerely hope you all enjoy the progression of this blog and I would love to hear your feedback on what you would like to see. Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Tongue Tied and Twisted.

Hello all. I've been trying out different ways to wear grid patterns lately (as i'm sure you are all very aware if you follow my instagram or know me personally) and thought i'd show you all one of my favourite outfits. I tend to wear this to work as it's easy to transition from work mode to play in something like this. I think in a job like fashion anyway it's so imperative to express your own personal style and luckily enough for me my aesthetic tastes are near identical to that of the company I work for! I've been mixing up my time between wearing colour and then wearing black on black on black and I have to say.. black is definitely home for me. Where I feel most 'me.' I love combining different materials and patterns to create an original look, finished off with my silver and black jewellery (which I wear every day). That said, i've also been absolutely loving wearing colourful dresses and then teaming it with all black accessories, shoes and jackets. I think fashion is all about exploration and fun.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Pale Clouded White.

Having a lovely day in the sunshine after two days of crazy thunderstorms and large hail. I love this seat in my garden, we found it behind a wall of hedges and vines a few months ago with some animal bones (ahem) and had to bring it out so we could sit on it during the summer nights. I bought this dress because I have a self confessed addiction to collared outfits. I just can't get enough of pointed collars. The dress is in a beautiful soft fabric that caught me by surprise and is the perfect material for a cooler summer day or a warmer autumn one. I teamed it with some cute polka dot socks and my pointed chelsea boots which I seem to be wearing near every day at the moment. I threw on a cute black felt hat to finish off the look and keep the darned sunshine out of my eyes (yes, I know, i'm a vampire) and wore my Limecrime Velvetines lipstick in Wicked. Initially I wasn't a fan of the lipstick. I found it bled a little, came off after eating and drinking and wasn't easy to apply but after a few uses I certainly got the hang of it and if you apply a lip liner first it looks gorgeous all day long.

Hope you're all having a lovely week. Amelia x


Monday, 1 December 2014


 Hello all! Sorry for the little hiatus in outfit posts lately! I am back and will be posting reguarly! Over the past few months i've become rather addicted to grid prints and have bought a couple of items recently thanks to the lovely company Boohoo. I've been a real fan of the co-ord trend that has been going around this spring/summer and decided to give it a shot myself with a team of black and white grid patterned crop tops and trousers. I love these pieces because not only can you wear them together but you can break them up to wear them with separates like black jeans on a casual day out or a dressier top and heels for more formal occasions. These pieces are super versatile, comfortable and totally fulfill my desire to wear cute black and white prints every day. I'm in heaven.

Whisky my cat decided to come and be a part of all the fun. Doesn't he match wonderfully?

Friday, 14 November 2014

It's too darn hot.

Today is 38 degrees and I feel like i'm about to melt into a puddle. It's the perfect day to throw on this adorable playsuit I got from Boohoo. No matter how hot it is I always chuck on a pair of black boots. Hope you're all having a lovely Friday!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

"How should I wear.."

I've been asked quite a lot recently in both my social and work environments "How should I wear..?" and I realised that perhaps it would be a nice addition to my blog if I started to make outfit posts that visually express how I would style certain staple and hero pieces and also how I would style an outfit for a particular event or look. So let's get started..

This week I will be focusing on how to style outfits for particular events. If you have any events you would like me to style a look for please comment below. Enjoy!

The Job Interview
Casual Day Off Seeing Friends
The Day Date
The Evening Date
Music Festival


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Spring Days In The Country.

It's been a looooong couple of weeks and it's left me feeling very tired and in need of a holiday. The best I could do was to escape to my hometown to visit my parents and cats. I haven't visited in a couple of months and I was amazed to see how incredible the garden looks now it is the spring time. Hundreds of different kinds of flowers are opening up and blooming and the garden is filled with the sounds of birds chirping. It's my idea of heaven. So today I decided to take some photos of my outfit as I wandered around and enjoyed the sights and smells.

Cropped Collared Shirt // Sheinside
White Pleated Skirt // Sheinside
Pointed Chelsea Boots // Dune (found on ASOS)

Friday, 24 October 2014


These cute pants came in the mail today and I am IN LOVE. I've always wanted some gorgeous trousers and these are just everything I want. They are a super tight fit, look great on the hips and bum and are high waisted. The pattern is an adorable burgundy red with blue-ish black tones. The only con I can see so far is that the hips are a very tight fit but the waist is almost a little too big so they're definitely made for a cute high waisted black thin belt. I teamed it with a cropped black t-shirt and some pointed brogues to complete the look. I'm loving this simple chic look right now, especially because I can wear it to work and then out afterwards. 

On my lips i'm wearing Limecrime's Wicked Velvetine and I have to admit I am going to swallow my words. Initially I found it incredibly difficult to apply and found it wore off far too quickly but after a few practise applications I can now apply it in seconds and find if you apply two or three layers it lasts quite well.You definitely need to re-apply after eating and drinking otherwise it seems to do the job quite nicely. The matte finish is gorgeous and really livens up your face and outfit. I find the lipstick to be quite classy rather than overdone and whilst I wouldn't have recommended it at first, now i'm going to give it a big thumbs up.

Cropped Shirt // Markets

Trousers // ASOS
Lace Frill Socks // ASOS
Pointed Brogues // Landspeed Records

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Today this adorable skirt came in the mail! The second I saw it I knew I had to have it. It's great both for work and for outside of work and the fit is incredibly flattering. I teamed it with this black button up shirt as I was thinking of potential work outfits that fit with being able to go out straight afterwards. Definitely going to wear this tomorrow. I really love this outfit and know i'll be getting a lot of wear out of it. The skirt is a beautiful thick fabric and I love the pattern. I'm enjoying teaming something with a bit of colour or a pattern with blacks. It's definitely a hero piece.

Shirt // Gift
Skirt // The Iconic
Boots // Dune 


Sunday, 28 September 2014

28th September 2014

Enjoying the beautiful sunshine post house party (and on 4 hours sleep). Wearing my white Maurie and Eve pinafore that I absolutely adore. It's original price is $179.00 but I got it for $36! It's the first time i've had the chance to wear it because it hasn't really been warm enough but this week is meant to be super hot! The skirt is very tight and can ride up so when walking you are showing a LOT of leg so I make sure to team it with a nice button up shirt. Polka dots today, nothing new. Spending my day resting up after having a house party at mine last night and starting the day with the most glorious lunch and juice in a jar before starting my first shift in the big David Jones store tomorrow which is exciting. I've worked at the two other stores for Jack London which has been incredible and I just love the vibe so much. There's nothing better than working for a store that plays The Cure all day and is built on skinny fit clothing, polka dots and velvet. Hope you're all having a lovely day!
White Pinafore // The Iconic
Black and White Polka Dot Shirt // ASOS
Black Chelsea Boots // ASOS
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